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Aries Print - Lokta Paper

This is a hand carved and printed Aries linocut, featuring the Ram with graphic flames to pay homage to the Cardinal fire sign. 

  • 8"x8" printed in a varied edition
  • Printed on handmade Lokta paper 
  • Packed and shipped in durable padded or non-bend envelopes. 

Aries Season  - March 21- April 19th

Aries are bold, high energy, individualistic, and spontaneous. This fire sign is smarter than people give them credit for, and projects "Main Character Energy" As a Cardinal sign, Aries welcomes us into the season of Spring. It is not only the leader of the Zodiac, but often the leader of new trends or initiatives. Spark up your space paying homage to your Zodiac with this hand printed piece. 

Each print is hand pressed and ink mixed by hand which may allow minor differences. These unique imperfections make each print one of a kind.



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