Hope Howard

Hope is a Printmaker and Educator in Waltham MA. Her work is a balance of hard and soft, with bright colors and bold designs in her art prints and handmade stationary. You’ll notice American Traditional tattoos, spirituality, and adolescent nostalgia as reoccurring themes in her work. When asked to describe their work, Hope says “My designs are inspired by my own inner child healing, and relationship with work and rest. I’d like to say my pieces look like the work of an unsupervised tween, with punk and edgy designs radiating with bright color pallets.” As a self taught artist, Hope uses multiple printmaking methods including linocut, risograph, letterpress, and more.
Hope has a passion for making art accessible and affordable for all. She teaches a variety of introductory classes and workshops in the Boston MA and Providence RI areas. To find out more about her workshop and classes, input your info below to subscribe to news and updates.