Recent Works

  • Zodiac Collection in the Works!

    I'm creating a print for each zodiac sign as we enter each season. I love creating bold, spunky prints - and hope to create a limited edition poster of all 12 prints combined in 2023.

    Aries season goes from March 21-April 19. Check the shop on March 21 for the Aries release!

  • Custom Stamps for Small Business

    Recently I hand carved and mounted two customized stamps for a realtor friend. I am excited to see what she creates - these can be used on both paper products as well as some textiles. The perfect way to add customization!

  • Upcoming Project

    Starting a new floral block to be printed on beautiful handmade Lokta paper with natural fibers throughout.

    Anticipated release date 4/15

  • Upcoming Project

    8x10" Test Print on 250 gsm paper

    Final print will be on special Awagami paper using colored inks.

  • "Sparks"

    Two Block Print - Varied Edition
    Red and Hot Pink Variations


    Printed on Ivory 175 gsm Paper

    and White 250 gsm Paper

  • Spring Vase Reduction Print

    Vase adorned with daffodils and tulips. Tri Colored reduction print.

    5x7" printed on White 250 gsm Paper

    Edition of 12

  • "Ascend" Reduction Print

    Tri-colored reduction print.

    8x10" printed on White 189 gsm Paper

    Edition of 15

  • Cheetah Reduction Print

    Varied Edition Tri-Colored reduction print

    Copies printed on Antique 250gsm paper and White 250gsm Paper

    23 Varied Prints

  • Hand Stamped Lava Lamps

    Varied Edition

    Hand Stamped in a variation of color combinations.

    8x10" printed on White 189gsm paper

    15 Unique prints

  • Year of the Tiger Special Editions

    Hand stamped tessellation blocks. Limited unique prints made in a variation of color combination and paper sizes.

    Printed on White 189 gsm Paper

  • "Baggage" Reduction Print

    Varied Edition two layer reduction print.

    Hot Pink, Muave, and Purple Variations printed on White 190gsm and 120gsm paper.

    25 Varied prints

  • Crane


  • Enlighten


  • Mush Love

    Set of Two two-block prints


  • Untitled


  • Untitled


Custom Pet Stamps

Capture the memory of your furry friends with a custom pet stamp. Use your personalized stamp to customize stationary, gifts, and more!

The perfect gift for the pet lover in your life.

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  • Maine Rocky Coast

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